Continuing Competence Activities (CCA)

 You are now able to track your continuing competence activity (CCA) online. 

To access your information you will need:

  1. Your North Carolina OT or OTA license number
  2. The last four digits of your social security number

The first time you log-in you will use the last four (4) digits of your social security number for your password. The next screen will prompt you to change your password. Make a note of your new password as it will be required to update your personal, employment and supervision information as well as your CCA throughout the year and for your license renewal.  If you have never logged on to the online system before, please read all of the instructions below before logging on for the first time.


Login to Manage My CCA


Between July 1st and March 30th of each renewal period your will be able to enter your CCA by going to “Manage my CCA”. Click on the “Add New CCA” button, chose the category of your CCA as defined in Rule .0805, enter the date, description and CCA points earned. Click on “Add CCA” to save. Continue adding your CCA until you have added all applicable activities. You will be allowed to enter more CCA points than the maximum allowed for renewal in each category but only the maximum allowable point total will be considered to reach the total number of points required for your renewal. Between April 1st and June 30th you will enter CCA information when you complete your renewal online.

Please note that your Ethics activity is required to be entered in the category “Ethics” no matter which type of qualified CCA it is. This will allow the computer to recognize it as your ethics requirement.

If the CCA lasted more than one day, enter the date the activity was completed. If the date range spans two (2) renewal periods, the CCA is applied to the 2nd period.

When you renew your license online, the CCA you have entered throughout the year will automatically appear in the correct section of your renewal application. At the end of the renewal period your CCA will be saved and you will be able to access and print out your previous year’s CCA.


Continuing Competence Activities forms for download
Description of Download Download Link
Mentorship Agreement Download
Small Group Study Form Download
Qualified Activities for Maintaining Continuing Competence Download
Ethics Requirements (See FAQs under "Renewal and Continuing Competence") Link
Approval of Activities for Maintaining Continuing Competence Download