Occupational Therapy Supervision

The supervision of an OTA by an OT is an ongoing process that enhances the professional growth of both participants.  They both are responsible for knowing and adhering to applicable laws, rules and policies pertaining to the practice of occupational therapy.


The OT and the OTA are each responsible for supervision to ensure safe and effective service delivery of occupational therapy services and to foster professional competence and development.  The supervising occupational therapist shall provide supervision.  The occupational therapy assistant shall obtain supervision.


Supervision should reflect a review of all aspects of the OTA's practice.  The OT is ultimately responsible for all delegated services.


You may update your supervisory status online by going to Information Update link under the Practitioner tab on this website.  You may comply with the written and signing requirements of Rule .0901 by updating your personal profile online.   If you wish to keep a copy of the changes you make online, you can print a copy of the information you complete online.


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